Thursday, June 5, 2014

Packing up the Texas life

This week we said goodbye to our wonderful pop-up trailer.  After moving back to Texas, we decided we would give the camper lifestyle a try.  Melissa's sister's family has one so we knew we'd have someone to vacation with.  After a bit of looking around, we bought this 2000 Jayco that we couldn't have been happier to find.

Over the last four years we spent a lot of great weekends in the camper visiting parks all over Texas.  We even traveled as far as the White River in Arkansas once.  10 hours is a long drive, but Bull Shoals is a great state park and it has even better fishing. I really regret not getting a chance to go back there and spend a weekend fishing with my brothers.

We realized that there is no reason to head off to Singapore and leave the camper in storage, so we made the decision to sell a few weeks ago.  All it took was one listing on Craigslist and a few weeks to find the right buyer.  After about 10 different inquiries and 3 different people coming to look, we made the sale to a nice family on Saturday.  Hopefully, they will enjoy the camper as much as we did.