Sunday, September 28, 2008

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It's been a fun week here in Singapore. Aside from a crazy workweek for Matt, we're jumping into Cub Scouts head first. Melissa is the Den Leader for Den 2 and Jack is loving the meetings and activities.

After waiting for different pieces of the uniform that have been on backorder for almost two months, Jack is finally able to get his whole uniform on. He's very proud to put it on and was even happier to receive his first achievement, the swimming belt loop.

The first meeting of Cub Scout Pack 3017 was on Friday. It's a pretty big pack, with 18 dens and tons of activities. We've already had our pack swim day and coming up in October is the annual pack camp out. Unfortunately, we left all of our camping gear in storage in Texas. You know what that means....more shopping. We were lucky to find tents and sleeping bags on sale at GiantMart on Saturday. It's only a one night camp out in a very nice campground, so thankfully the supply list is small. Of course, we have none of it so the shopping will continue.

I decided (with Melissa's encouragement) that Jack and I would continue with the Cub Scout high we were on. On Sunday, Jack and I picked up the Tiger Cubs book and started working. In one day, we polished off the music, chess and art belt loops as well as the family safety elective. Overall a very productive "Lazy Sunday."

Next week, it's off to Tokyo Disney.


Anonymous said...

lucky kid.
Tokyo disney.


Tory said...

What a handsome scout!!!
And Happy Birthday, Melissa!