Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Mind of a First Grader - volume 1

We're starting a new series of posts here at Singaporething. The constant stream of priceless quotes that spew forth from the big hole in the lower half of my son's face needs a permanent record. Years from now, historians will study this accounting of his mind in amazement. I only wish I was able to get it all on tape. Now, on to what I expect will be the first of a long series of posts about the funny/crazy/embarrassing things my son says all the time.

If you watch a lot of sports like I do, you may have seen a new commercial (I don't even remember what it is for) where a bunch of athletes are sitting at a table watching and rewatching a recording of a baseball batter getting hit in the genitals with a baseball. It seems Jack has seen it too. Here's an excerpt from our dinner table conversation. Please note that Jack just brings this up during a lull in the conversation with no prompting.

Jack: "You know what? There was this guy, and he was playing baseball, and BAM, he got hit right in the tenders. You know where the tenders are Mommy? They're right down he.."?

Melissa: "Jack! You don't have to show me dear. I know where the "tenders" are. Finish eating your vegetables."


Alberto & Meredith Jimeno said...

At least he did not call it the "area" like his Dad would.

Sharon Aiuvalasit said...


Deacon Frank Tremblay said...

So where did he learn to call them 'tenders'? What is Melissa teaching that boy?