Friday, December 19, 2008

The Mind of a First Grader - Volume 5

When Jack was sick last weekend, the doctor tried to cheer him up by telling him HFMD was one of the best things a kid could get.

"It's the only disease where you're supposed to eat as much ice cream as you can," said the doc.

On Saturday, Jack didn't eat anything. On Sunday, things were starting to improve. He had two bowls of ice cream for lunch and another for dinner. By Monday, he was feeling a lot better, but I'm sure you know what's coming.

Matt: Feeling any better this morning buddy?
Jack: Yeah, a lot.
Matt: How about some scrambled eggs for breakfast?
Jack: The doctor said I'm supposed to eat ice cream.
Matt: That was for when your mouth was hurting.
Jack: It still hurts.
Matt: You just said you were feeling better.
Jack: But not 'a lot' better.
Matt: You JUST said, you feel "a lot" better.
Jack: But DAD! The doctor said I could!
Matt: How about we start with eggs and if you finish them, you can have a little ice cream.
Jack: That's not what the doctor said.

1 comment:

Newby said...

Poor Jackie. I'm glad he's feeling better.

Is it a problem if I like to eat ice cream at every meal, too? He must take after his aunt...