Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fish Feet and One Scary Animal

Melissa, Jack and I have been to the Night Safari in Singapore a few times. We went there again with Grandma Chris last week. The Night Safari is basically a nighttime zoo. It's full of animals that are either truly nocturnal, or ones that are just more active when it cools off in the evening. You can walk through the entire place on dimly lit walking paths or take the easy route and hop on the tram that drives through the whole park. It's not nearly the size of the regular Singapore Zoo, but it's almost as popular because it's so much cooler here at night. We don't really have many pictures to share, because it's just too dark to take any good ones.

There's plenty of places in the park to eat or just sit down and relax with a drink. Near the front of the park, there are the standard souvenir shops and Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop (Jack's favorite). There is one shop that is kind of unique though.

In Singapore, foot care (massage, pedicure, etc.) shops are everywhere. For some reason, people seem to be really focused on their feet. One thing I'd heard of but never seen were the foot eating fish. There are these fish that like to eat the little dead bits of dry skin from your feet. This shop has a long low fish tank full of these fish. For $10 you can have a five minute trial with your feet in the tank. There's a first time for everything.

It tickles. My feet must taste good.

Jack's Grandma Chris decided she had to give it a try too.

That's Jack's head on the bottom left corner.

There is also an animal show that features some nocturnal cats and a few smaller animals that is very interesting. One of the features of the show is when the presenters pretend that they lost and animal and then they "find" it locked under one of the benches in the stands. They then have one lucky person from the stands come up on stage and help out while they talk about this beautiful animal. Guess who's wife stood up and pointed at her husband when they asked for "a big strong man" to come up on stage and help. I'll let you watch for yourself.

OK. There's supposed to be a video of me onstage holding a 80 lb python, but I can't get it uploaded. It's just too big. I'm working on a way to edit it. If I can sort it out this weekend, I'll post it.


Newby said...

Feet-eating fish and a python?? Eww and eww!!!!!

Lynda said...

I actually read about the "fish pedicure" in the Houston Chronicle when a place in the US (I can't remember where)had to close down their fish pedicure pool because the health department wouldn't let them continue operations because of the shared water that everyone was putting their feet in. No problems with fish nibbling, just people sharing nibbling fish water!

Melissa said...

I don't think there is a health dept. in all of Asia.