Friday, March 21, 2008

Sale of the Century

Here it is. All of our worldly possesions just sitting on the curb like we're gypsies or something.'s all crap. You can't believe the things that people will buy. Old clothes, a used diabetes testing kit, our 6 year old son. Ok, he's not for sale, but we did get one offer for him. $25. Not bad.
The more of this stuff that sells, the more we don't have to pack or throw away. If anyone would like to buy a used wet saw, just let me know.

REVISION: Someone actually bought the wet saw. Wow.


brittrn77 said...

I'll give you $100 for Jack

Melissa said...

We sold the wet saw. Britt there are some days Jack is worth a million dollars and other days you want you money back.