Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Busy Week

It was a busy week in Singapore. We had our first week of school at the Singapore American School. Wednesday morning, Jack woke up, put on his uniform, ate breakfast and began the first of his many walks to school.

From what Jack told us, his first day was pretty tough. The worst part seems to have been when it was time for afternoon snack, and he realized that he ate it for lunch. On top of that, his band-aid fell off of his finger and his teacher didn't stop class to attend to this dire emergency.

Day two was much better. This is primarily due to the fact that it was a classmate's birthday and everyone got cupcakes.

So far we've been pretty happy with his teacher.

Her name is Ms. Michelle and she's been at SAS for 4 years. Hopefully things will continue to go well and we'll have a happy year.

On top of school, we've been working on getting rid of the training wheels on Jack's bike. The toughest part is getting to spend enough time practicing. It's so damn hot out, we're both ready to jump into the pool after 10 minutes.

We're getting better every time we practice, but we do stumble now and then.

In other news, the volunteer life has begun for Melissa. She is now the den leader for Tiger Cub Den 2. She's already started cutting shapes to make the den flag and is working on finding a room at the school to have the monthly den meeting. Jack's new cub scout uniform is in the mail.

All in all, we're starting to settle in and it's beginning to feel less like a novelty to be here. I'm sure there will be more stories next week.

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Andy said...

I remember when Dad taught me how to ride a bike. I flew over the handlebars into a chain-link fence. Later on, I learned how to brake. Keep it up, Jack!