Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summertime Schedule

The whirlwind summer is about to begin. In two days, the packers will come to our apartment and start doing their thing. From then on, we are essentially nomads in search of a home. We'll be living in a hotel in Singapore for a week and a half until we fly away from Singapore and close this chapter of our lives. We've got a kind of crazy summer coming up. Here is the schedule:

25 May: Packers come, move to hotel
3 June: Last day of school
4 June: Fly to Australia for vacation
14 June: Fly to Virginia
18-20 June: Matt drives (with the dogs) to Houston
21 June: Matt's first day of work in Houston
23 June: Melissa and Jack fly to Chicago
30 June: Melissa and Jack fly back to Virginia
6 July: Melissa and Jack fly to Houston
7-22 July: Try to close on a new house
23-29 July: Disneyworld!!!


Pam the Realtor said...

Ran across your blog somehow and just spent the last few hours reading all of it. Sounds like such a great experience for you and your family! May you have a safe trip home to the states!

joven said...

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