Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everyone's a Winner

Last week was the annual "Pinewood Derby" for Singapore Cub Scout Pack 3017. It's one of the biggest events of the year for the Scouts and everyone has a good time.

This was Jack's first year to participate and he did a great job. He and I worked on the design together and then I cut the car out of the block of wood on the band saw that the pack owns. Jack then did all of the sanding and came up with a paint design. I showed him how to do it, then he painted the car himself.

Jack did such a good job, he got second place out of all of the Tiger Cubs in the design competition. Everyone told him how much they liked his car. Jack's favorite part of the car was that Indiana Jones (from his Lego set) was riding on top.

The race itself was done pretty well. It was a nice track with three lanes and an electronic timer. Each car got to go three times, once in each lane. Each of the heats had 31 races, but things were run efficiently and went pretty quick. The times from each of the three heats was averaged to give everyone their times. Jack's car did very well, coming in 6th out of eighteen cars in the Tiger Cubs group.

After the races, all of the kids were presented with trophies. Regardless of how fast everyone's car went, everybody had a great time. All of the kids were very proud of their trophies and spent about 20 minutes afterward congratulating each other.

Another fun day with the Cub Scouts in Singapore. Just a few more weeks until Jack finishes his Tiger Cub requirements and gets his Bobcat badge.


Andy said...

Way to go Jack! I guess that makes it an Indy car?

Deacon Frank Tremblay said...

Once more the Tremblays walk away from Pinewood Derby with a Trophy! THE TRADITION CONTINUES

Jeff said...

Jack should have asked Uncle Burto for some advice - he's got some very good cheats that make cars go faster... "You're either first, or last!"

Seriously, nice job with the car Jack!

Alberto & Meredith Jimeno said...

"Second is just first loser!"

Very nice job Jack, that is a nice-looking car with an awesome driver.

And to clarify things, those were not cheats, it was plain science and within the rules.