Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mind of a First Grader - Volume 8

What did you want to spend your time doing when you were seven? Playing Legos? Watching cartoons? Riding your bike? Not my kid.

(last night after the cub scout meeting at the school)

Jack: Dad, when we get home, can I post on the SAS wiki?
Matt: (Pause) What?
Jack: When we get home, can I write on the SAS wiki?
Matt: Your school has it's own wiki website?
Jack: Yeah.
Matt: Oh. about tomorrow. It's a bit late tonight.
Jack: Ok.

Welcome to the 21st century my friends.


Julie Tracey said...

That is too cute!! I love it!

Alberto & Meredith Jimeno said...

He probably already has his own MySpace page.

Deacon Frank Tremblay said...

Just to put this in perspective, you couldn't type at Jacque's age.