Friday, May 30, 2008

The bad uncle

Welcome to the world Caroline Rose.

I'm an uncle again!!! Caroline is the newest member of the family and she's one good looking kid.

I almost forgot to publish this post. If I'm the best this poor girl can do for an uncle, she's in trouble. Fortunately she's got an older brother and two older cousins to watch out for her. Future boyfriends beware!


Tory said...

Oh, yeah! We are celebrities and made the blog!

And you are a fantastic uncle! So great, that only 8 days later, the Reddys made you an uncle AGAIN and will AGAIN in another two months. If that's not fabulous uncle material, I don't know what is!

Have a safe flight to Houston.

Jason said...

Tremblays get a pass on neglecting to mention their newest niece, Olivia Rose, now 19 days old and not on the blog! Well, they are moving across the world, dealing with medical emergencies, etc. And, they were the first of Britt's family to meet O-Town!

Safe travels!

Andy said...

...and calling Britt today, I find that 19 days after giving birth, she is mowing the lawn. Jason does not get a pass. BOOOOOO!!!!