Friday, May 30, 2008

The long road home

Tomorrow morning I get on a Singapore Airlines flight at 9:25 am. I won't get off for 24 hours. The plane will leave Singapore and make straight for Moscow. After an hour on the ground topping off the fuel tanks, we head straight for Houston. How straight you ask? Straight over the top. I'll be passing pretty damn close to the North Pole. If we end up making a crash landing halfway through the flight, I wont be living on a enchanted island in the South Pacific like on Lost. I'll be killing a polar bear with my bare hands so I can take his hide for warmth.

It almost feels strange to be calling Houston home now. I've gotten used to life here in Singapore. I'm living in the place where my family will rest their heads for the next three years. Houston is "the place we're leaving." Singapore is home.

Wish me a good flight. ABS is pretty well off right now, but not well enough to fly me business class unless I'm going to see a client. I'm 6' 4". I'm spending 24 hours in coach. At least I'll be wearing my comfortable pants.

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