Saturday, May 3, 2008

Going Postal

Went to the post office for the first time today. Guess's just like the post office in the US. The line was so long it went out the door, the people working there were capable but disinterested, and most of the people in there for service (myself included) had no idea what they were doing.

Of course, I was at least smart enough to put my shipment in a box. The guy in front of me in line had a bunch of small items in a plastic grocery bag. He actually asked if he needed to tie the bag closed or if they would just send it (to Indonesia) like that. When they told him that he'd have to buy a box, he truly seemed surprised.

At least I was able to get the Xbox in the mail. And just in case you were wondering, it's more expensive to send something from Singapore to the US than from the US to Singapore.

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Melissa said...

I read this email to Jack and he didn't get why the man wanting to mail the bag was funny.