Thursday, June 12, 2008

8 years = 3 days

Well, it's done. The guys from Crown Relocation came to our home and now there's nothing in it. It took us 8 years to fill that house full of junk. In three short days, they took our home and turned it back into a house. It's funny how the things you collect, junk mostly, can be more than just junk. They're memories. Places you've been, people you've met... good times.

I'm always giving Melissa a hard time about about being a pack rat. She has a hard time throwing anything away. I'm just the opposite. If we haven't used it in a year, it's garbage, it's just cluttering our life. I'm guessing that (as usual) the answer is somewhere in the middle.

My new friend Flauto (one of the packers), pointed out that the gaudy ceramic Christmas tree that he was packing in our garage had a bunch of cracks in the bottom of it. I barely flinched. I told him it was fine, those cracks had been there for years. But inside, I was remembering an entire weekend almost 8 years ago.

Melissa already had one gaudy ceramic Christmas tree from her mother and her Grandmother had just sent her a second one. I was being my usual grumpy self and complaining about having two of the same thing taking up space in our house. Melissa wouldn't hear it. It was from her Grandmother, so it was important and we were keeping it.

I can't remember how it happened (I really don't think it was my fault), but the ceramic tree fell off of the table and broke into many, many pieces not long after me saying we didn't need it in the house. Melissa was really upset. Even emotionless Matt could tell that she wasn't just upset that her present was broken, she was upset that a part of her Grandma had been taken away.

Melissa then went out to go to work, so I did too. It's amazing what you can do with eight uninterrupted hours and a tube of super glue. It was the ultimate jigsaw puzzle. I finished just before she got home that night. It doesn't look perfect, but you can only see the cracks if you look.

I'm glad we still have that gaudy ceramic Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...


Your gaudy Christmas tree story made me cry. Maybe I should be upset that you thought it gaudy but I'm not, I'm proud of you for putting forth the effort to fix it... but you're right it is gaudy. I'll be visiting Singapore this Christmas, I'll inspect the tree and let you know if I see any cracks... it's a good thing my eyesight is not as good as it used to be.. so glad you guys arrived safe. Love Mom

Matt said...

Sorry Chris, the tree won't be making it to Singapore. It's going to storage in Houston.