Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On Our Way

Just a quick post to say that we're about to board our flight to Singapore. Melissa is feeling a better. Not nearly 100%, but well enough to travel with the help of Mr. Vicodin.

I'll post again when we get there.

Wish us luck.

BTW...the Celtics are World Champions.


Liza said...

Go Celtics!!! What a game, huh? I'm glad Melissa is feeling a little better, and congrats on moving into your new home together. Joe and I still owe Melissa and Jack their xmas gift, which was a membership to the Singapore Science Center, you can help me with the application when you're settled. xoxo

Sharon Aiuvalasit said...

Hope you had a smooth flight...or flights actually. It seems unfair that you had to leave the country during what will probably be the greatest year in the history of Boston sports...well thank God for that cable linking thing. Congratulations on the move!