Thursday, June 19, 2008

Made it in one piece

OK folks. We're here. We had an uncomfortable few hours before we landed in Moscow, but otherwise, the flight went as well as can be expected. Melissa was a trooper and Jack did damn well for a 6 year old on a 24 hour flight.

We all slept for a good portion of the first leg of the trip to Moscow. Melissa's pain came back for about the last 2 hours of the flight, but once she was able to get up and around in the Moscow airport, she started feeling better.

The second leg to Singapore felt like it took forever, but that's just because we didn't sleep. Melissa felt a lot better for that part of the trip. We're now in our apartment and Melissa and Jack are sound asleep. I need to wake up early for work tomorrow, so I'm trying to stay up for another hour or two.

More detailed update tomorrow.


Nicole said...

I'm glad that you all made it okay! I've been thinking about everyone the last couple of days and wanting to make sure that everybody made it to their final destination.

Say hi to Melissa and Jack from all of us here

Nicole, Laura, and Trevor

Melissa said...

Thanks for your well wishes everyone, I would say I'm at 70% right now. I'm just upset that I don't feel well enough to go out and do any exploring. Poor Jack is stuck in the apartment. Poor Matt has been doing everything since we got here. Let's hope this next week is a better one!