Monday, June 23, 2008

It smells like sheep in here

We've now been in Singapore as a family for almost 4 days. We've got all of our luggage unpacked and are anxiously waiting for our airfreight shipment to arrive this week. Melissa is feeling much better. She was still a bit uncomfortable on Friday and Saturday, but she was off of the Vicodin. By Sunday, she felt well enough to adventure out a bit, so we went to the local mall and then hopped onto the subway and went downtown to Orchard Road for a couple of hours.

Melissa's general impression so far is that it's hot. Outside is too hot, the mall is too hot, the grocery store is too get the idea. Most every building is air conditioned, just not to the chilly temperature it is in Houston.

Jack's impressions are always more blunt and interesting. As we were walking into the subway after visiting Orchard Road, Jack puts his hand up to cover his nose and says, "It smells like sheep in here."

I have to give him credit for being specific. And correct. It did kinda smell like sheep. How he came up with that reference, I'll never know. I can't remember him having much access to large groups of sheep over the six years of his short life.

For now, we're just settling in. Melissa is trying to figure out what types of things are available at the stores and what aren't. I'm sure it will be a bit of a struggle keeping Jack fed with things that are both healthy and "not yucky." We've already been through three brands of apple juice, but we've found a winner. The kid is constantly eating. Buy stock in peanut butter. Whoever imports Chunky Style JIF into Singapore is about to make a lot of money.

One more story...

Last night we got home and then went for a swim in the pool. Since we were a bit worn out from the long day and hadn't made any plans for dinner, I just threw a frozen pizza into the oven for us to eat. After cooking, it didn't look anything like the pretty picture on the box, but I wolfed down a piece of the cardboard pizza and gave one to Melissa while we let two pieces cool for Jack.

Melissa brought his pizza to him in his room about 5 minutes later (he was watching a movie in his pajamas) and left him to eat while she worked on some email. About 30 seconds later I hear Jack crying his eyes out in his room. I walk in there to see huge tears rolling down his face. He's crying so hard, I can barely understand what he's saying. "My favorite dinner is ruined forever! I'll never have pizza for years!" Apparently, he thought that this crappy frozen cardboard pizza was what all pizza was like in Singapore. He was so upset because he thought he'd never have good pizza again. Poor kid.

We're going to order Pizza Hut later this week.

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Liza said...

Oh poor Jack! Transitioning is hard, but I'm sure if you survived on what Texas calls pizza for six years you'll find something in Southeast Asia that's passable. At least until you can take a trip to New York City and have a real slice.