Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daddy, why does the grocery store smell like poop?

Jack has taken to holding his nose when he walks through the produce section of the grocery store.

The reason?


I know I've said this before, but it kinda stinks. Jack has taken to calling it "poop fruit."

As he and I were walking through a grocery store on Saturday, he asked in a frustrated voice, "Daddy...how come it always smells bad near the vegetables?"

"Come with me," I said.

We walked about 20 yards to our left where there was an entire stall in the store devoted to selling durian. It was flying off the table as fast as they could cut it. It's a reall pain in the ass to cut these things open. The husk is damn tough.

After opening, the meat inside will be placed in a Styrofoam container and covered in plastic wrap.

I picked Jack up so that he could see better.

"What is that Daddy?"

"It's called durian."

"What does it taste like?"

"Want to try some?", I asked.


"OK," I said.

"But what does it taste like?"

Here's where I made my mistake. "Kinda like poop, I think."


Yup. Gross.

This is the only time in Jack's life that I didn't give him a hard time about not wanting to even try a new food to see if he likes it. But judging by the way the locals here were buying the stuff at $25/kilo, I can only assume the flavor grows on you.

That is, if you actually keep putting it in your mouth.


Melissa said...

It truly does smell terrible, even I am having a tough time shipping near the fruits and veggies. We sort of just hurry to the back of the store. I need to find a durian free food store.

Alberto & Meredith Jimeno said...

I second that, one of our Malaysian reps brought durian candy as a delicacy and the stuff, even though it was mixed with sugary goodness still had a hint of raw sewage to it.