Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank you Aunt Liza!

For Christmas, my brother Joe and his wife Liza (which means Liza) bought our family a 2 year membership to the Singapore Science Center. Jack and Melissa have now been three times and I took my first visit yesterday. The place is pretty cool. It's clearly geared toward kids, but it's huge. You can easily spend an entire day there. It's kind of like a cross between a science museum and a children's museum.

There's exhibits on everything from bacteria and the human body, biology and chemistry, to technology and the internet. For a 6 year old boy, it's a great place to explore.

Another great thing about it is that it's only a 10 minute walk from a subway station. Melissa and Jack can hop onto the train in our neighborhood and it's only about a 15 minute ride.

We spent a few hours there on Sunday afternoon. Jack and Melissa led me through the maze of exhibits while I struggled to keep up. Jack was so excited to show me all of his favorite things, he was practically pulling me through some of the rooms.

By far, his favorite thing is "The Marbles." At least that's what he calls them. These marbles are more close to the size of bowling balls and baseballs. There's a few different levers or wheels that you can turn to lift the different balls, then you watch them roll down a number of different tracks.

The other thing he really enjoys it the outdoor water area. There's a bunch of water "exhibits" for kids to play with. After her first trip, Melissa learned to bring a bathing suit with her for Jack to change into.

Overall, a good place to spend a weekend afternoon. Especially when Aunt Liza is paying.

If you'd like to see some more pictures, I uploaded them to Snapfish.


Tory said...

Yea! I am glad to see pictures of Jack! We need to see you and Melissa, too, next time! (Don't get me wrong-- the mashed potato machine was fantastic) Keep 'em coming. How great to have a place to go to that you know will be fun for everyone. Good job, Liza and Joe!

P.S. You need to send us invitations via the snapfish website to see the photos-- we can't access them without you doing that...

Liza said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you are all enjoying your Christmas present, albeit about seven months after the fact! Tell Jack and Melissa congrats for trying Korean food. I've heard Korean BBQ is really really delicious. Not a kimchee fan myself.