Sunday, July 6, 2008

Only in Asia

Yup. That is what it looks like.

A mashed potato machine.

For only S$1.20, you to can have a cup of mashed potatoes with gravy dispensed directly from a machine at 7-11.

We we're walking through the mall after visiting Ikea and Jack said he was thirsty. We all wanted a drink, so Jack and I waited outside while Melissa went in and got 2 waters and a pineapple slurpee.

I looked through the glass door to see where Melissa was in the line and saw this machine. I shouldn't have been, but I really was pretty impressed. Now I know that when I'm walking past 7-11 and I just happen to get a craving for mashed potatoes and gravy, I'm all set.

And if you're wondering if I tried any...I did not. I'd just eaten 4 slices of pizza and I was full. I'll go back another time and report on the quality of 7-11 mashed potatoes.


Andy said...

Are they planning on exporting those machines to the the U.S.?

Is that why they need naval engineers over there, to inspect the gravy boats?

Matt said...

If I had one of those on the ships and rigs I've worked on, I'd have never left the mess deck.

Jason said...

I get it, Naval Engineers for Gravy Boats! HAHA! Dork!