Monday, November 24, 2008

Another week

Not much to write about this week.

Jack had a regular week at school, I had a regular week at work, and Melissa had a regular week taking care of the two of us.

We had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, the three of us showed up at MacRitchie park for the Cub Scout Pack hike. There weren't many people there and it wasn't really organized, but it was a nice hike. We walked about 5km through the woods and along the reservoir. There was a light breeze and because it was early, it wasn't too hot. In the afternoon, we played miniature golf at a place in East Coast Park. It was fun, but expensive. Has anyone ever paid $32USD for 3 people to play minigolf?

Sunday included a quick trip to the mall to run a few errands and get groceries. After that, Jack and I hit the pool for at least 3 hours with friends from our condo. (They've got 6 year old twins and are our first real friends in Singapore. Of course, that means they're going back to the US in June.) After swimming, we went next door for birthday cake at our friend's place. (Happy 2nd birthday Ethan.)

The coming week should give me much more to write about. Melissa is spending the entire week counting money for the PTA book fair. I'm taking Thursday off for Thanksgiving. Five families are getting together to eat. 10 adults, 12 kids and 2 turkeys. Should be crazy, but fun. Friday night we're heading off to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend. One of the guys who works for me is getting married on Saturday and was nice enough to invite my family. I'm sure a Chinese/Malay wedding will provide tons of blog fodder.

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