Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Mind of a First Grader - Volume 3

A few weeks ago Jack's class went to Little India on a field trip. They had been studying the Indian (dots, not feathers) culture recently in school and this was a great way to end this part of their module on India.

Melissa was one of the chaperons along with Miss Michelle (Jack's teacher). As their group walked up to look at a Indian jewelry store, she heard this exchange:

Jack: Wow. Look at all that gold. These people sure know how to live.
Miss Michelle: You said it kiddo.


Jeff said...

I just have one question. What's with the "Fortune Parks Lmtd" comment on the previous post? Are you getting comment spam??

Matt said...

I think I am. I was hoping I wouldn't have to activate the "comment control" option. We'll see.