Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mind of a First Grader - Volume 4

As a hardworking first-grader, Jack has been putting in time every night with his "word ring."

The word ring is basically a key-chain type ring with 25 small cards hanging from it. Each card has a word on it that Jack is supposed to learn to read. The words on the ring are the most common words used in English that don't follow the basic rules of spelling or ones that he may be having trouble with. This week we decided that he'd mastered his first 25 word ring, so he brought it back to school and traded it for a new one. As this was his first time through with a ring of new words, he needed help with some of them.

Melissa: Here's the next one.
Jack: your?
Melissa: Correct! How about this one?
Jack: Um...woo-rad?
Melissa: Close...it's "word".
Jack: Is it word like, "word in a book" or word like, "Worrrd!"? Jack then holds out two fingers like a peace sign, but upside-down.
Matt: Um...did my six year old son just drop a gang sign?
Melissa: I think so.

My son is a stone cold gangsta.


Mike said...

dude i was eating an oreo when I read that my nephew is a "Gangsta" and laughed so hard I almost spit the oreo out all over the ferry im on. Hysterical!!!

Jeff said...

might have something to do with you teaching him "What??" and "Yeeeeah" when he was three. Just sayin.

Liza said...

I think he might be taking after his Uncle Joe. Joe says "wordddddd" a lot.

Lynda said...

I just love the imagery of the two of you talking over his head after the gangsta signs -- especially juxtaposed with that adorable photo! That Jack is one of a kind!

kreddy said...

Matt, I'm sure you can blame that gansta business on the Reddy side if you need to. We're a bunch of punks.