Thursday, April 24, 2008

the "business" dinner

I've never eaten out so much in my life. I'm sure part of it is due to the fact that I'm all alone out here, but the number if invitations to lunch or dinner with clients or co-workers is a lot higher than I've ever experienced before. I feel like I'm being purposely fattened up for the slaughterhouse.

Don't think that I'm complaining; I'm not. The food and the company are both great. Singapore is a great place to eat. Lunch yesterday was a 6 course Chinese meal. Peking duck, great fried fish, was delicious. I'm just so used to eating a sandwich and reading a book on a bench outside that I'd kind of like a break.

There's a "business" meal for pretty much any excuse that can be offered. A client is upset..."Let's take them to lunch." A client is happy..."Let's take them to lunch." A co-worker is visiting from overseas..."Let's take him to dinner." Someone just got hired..."Let's take them to lunch." The price of oil just dropped 3 cents..."Let's go for dinner." You get the idea.

I've only put one of these on my expense report. It wasn't insanely expensive, but it wasn't cheap either. I'd love to know how much we spend on meals every year. I'm sure I'd be surprised by how much money it is. Of course, we don't hold a candle to most of our clients.


Liza said...

That actually looks really delicious. We had the most delicious Chinese food the other night with our friends Liza and Stephen from this place in East Hampton. My favorite are the crab Rangoons (thank you Alannah!) which the lady at the restaurant refers to as "cheese wontons". I know that's totally ghetto Chinese, but I can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

How very true! There are so many good restaurants here too. Two that I recently visited and would recommend are (i) Le Pont de Vie at 26 Kandahar Street which I like because it's in the beautiful and oft neglected Kampong Glam district and serves quality modern European food that's not too pricey or pretentious and (ii) Lanna Thai at boat quay - a touristy area, I know, but excellent authentic thai food (though a bit pricey).