Monday, April 7, 2008

Would you like toast with your toast?

Sorry for two food posts in a row, but I couldn't resist. That sign is no joke. This is seriously a restaurant that that sells toast. Yup, toast. That's it...just toast. Note the 3ft high pyramid of butter on the left side of the counter. Up close, it's very pretty, but disturbing as well.

I haven't eaten there yet, but I will. From what I can tell, you can get different things on it. Looking online, it seems a favorite is "pork floss."

I'll try anything once, but I can't imagine telling myself, "You know what would be good right now? Pork floss on toast."


Tory said...

Hmmm... unlike my previous comment:
I like toast. I like pork. I do not like pork and toast. I do not like them Sam I Am.

Trevor B said...

I agree with Tory ... and I like the Seuss reference! I read Seuss a lot to Laura & find myself thinking in "seuss" sometimes as well!