Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slammed in the backside

So I'm driving to work on Friday morning and I'm not having any fun. It's raining and my 35 minute commute looks like it's shaping up to be about an hour of bumper to bumper traffic. I'm kind of zoning out listening to the BBC news radio program talk about how much America sucks when all of a sudden....HONK!!!!....BANG!

Oh crap....I'm not driving on the wrong side of the road am I? Did I just hit someone?

No. I've been rear ended by a kid in a red car that's smaller than my son's "power wheels" dumptruck. We couldn't have been going more than 10 miles per hour in the traffic we were in. How the hell could he have hit me. Whatever. I pull over to the shoulder (the left shoulder) and he follows. Then another car and one of the crazy Singapore motorbike guys pulls over too. I'm thinking, "What's going on here? Are they just volunteering to be witnesses?"

Apparently, the motorbike hit the first car trying to squeeze through the traffic, then that guy hit the red car and pushed it into me. This took about 15 minutes to figure out because everyone except me was speaking Mandarin. If I asked a question, someone would chime in in English, but otherwise, I'm pretty much just standing there writing down license plate numbers.

I was able to get the personal info from the guy in the red car, but everyone else just took off. Thankfully, no one was hurt and my car just traded a little paint with the red car. Hopefully the car leasing company will take care of the red tape for me.

We'll see. Odds are it will all end up being my fault and I'll get to find out what the inside of a Singapore prison looks like.


Liza said...

between your back and your car you are having a stellar first couple of weeks in Singapore, dude. Glad the accident wasn't the big tall, Republican white man's fault.

Jeff said...

I just hope you weren't chewing gum at the time...

Britt said...

My concern is if you already got hit, maybe Melissa's driving shouldn't be tested. You know what I'm saying? Hint, hint.