Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A special kind of wrong

While I know I'm interested in food, I didn't think I'd be posting about it this much. There's just no way around it. I work so much that the only time I get out is when I have to go shopping for things. When I'm in the mall, I usually grab something to eat.

Last weekend, I tried what seems to be a Japanese burger chain. Their gimmick is their chili. They put it on most of their products. Who'd have guessed...Japanese chili burgers, chili dogs, chili fried mussels. It may not surprise you to learn, I didn't order the mussels.

I got a MOS Burger (edible), MOS dog (quite good actually), fries and a drink. The chili was not very spicy and too sweet for my taste, but it can be honestly called a chili burger in this humble American's opinion. As my brother and his wife own a burger restaurant (bayburger.com), I can be a bit critical about burgers. As far as a taste rating goes, I'd rate it above Burger King, but below Wendy's.

Now here's the freaky part. As I'm sitting there munching on my MOS Dog and fries, I take a closer look at the advertisement on the wall next to my table. After swallowing what was in my mouth, I put down my food, stand up and read it again.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, an octopus burger. Not just any octopus burger, but an octopus burger served with chili on a rice bun. WTF!

I'll eat pretty much anything. Sea urchin in brown gravy?...tried it. Jellyfish salad?...it's actually kind of good. Big bowl of pickled seaweed?...ate so much I got food poisoning. Durian (spiky fruit who's insides smell like poo)?...it's on the menu for this weekend.

Octopus burger with chili on a rice bun...that's crossing a line I didn't know existed. I guess I've just got a moral objection to using the words "burger" and "octopus" together. If they called it the "chili octopus rice sandwich" maybe I'd be less opposed.

Either way...that looks gross.


Liza said...

dude, i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. That is nasty! I like to consider myself a semi-adventurous eater, but I have a feeling that if I were in Singapore I would be on a steady died of rice with soy sauce.

Britt said...

Me too! And I could eat anything now. Thanks for helping me. THere's a section in my baby book wanting to know what food is a craving and what is repulsive. I am so writing an octopus burger. And are you kidding with the MOS "dog" part? Seriously?

Tory said...

Doesn't this just prove that you should go for DESSERT instead? I mean, sure there will be strange ice cream flavors, but hopefully none that are fish-flavored. Although, that probably wouldn't surprise me and you may just have that kind of luck...

Trevor B said...

I have to agree ... some combinations just should not be tried! And the durian ... think I could manage to skip that as well.

Glad to "see" you are doing well - look forward to seeing you in June.